Salty Utah Queens Ep. 76 - The Bitter Tears of Reality Von Tease (RHOSLC S4E19)

Lara and Carey discuss Hillary Clinton weighing in on the Barbie Oscars "controversy," coming out as Nyad Heads, Dr. Kim's nightmare facelifts sweeping TikTok, the freak rogue wave that hit a military base in the South Pacific, and the bone-chilling tale of three frozen fans of the Kansas City Chiefs. Then in the FINAL part of the RHOSLC reunion, Von Tease walks the plank one last time. The ladies reveal just how far Monica went to troll them with her alter ego, and the downright creepy lengths she took to spy on Jen Shah. Plus, Heather talks Black Eye Gate, explaining why she covered for Jen and her journey to break free from the Shah Svengali-Kingpin spell.

And so, the Salty Utah Queens set sail for another season, leaving one or two stowaways behind. For now we wave them off as they fade into the icy horizon. Bon voyage!


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