Salty Utah Queens Ep. 60 - Phantom British Accent Syndrome (RHOSLC S4E3)

Larz and Carz head back to Palm Springs with the ladies of RHOSLC, but first, they make time to discuss the shocking new development in Teeny Tiny Alien Mummy Gate. And even more shocking, Lara shows off her new Pug mask, which may also be not of this world. Back on Salty Utah Queens, the women arrive at the Trixie Motel and are rocked by Angie K's presence. Meredith devises a team-building shopping trip and dresses Lisa in an outfit that is more tragic than losing a $60k ring. Then the women head to dinner, where Heather blackouts on espresso martinis and Angie K and Meredith finally have at it, sending Meredith into a slurry fugue of British accents. Plus, Mary continues to prove her presence is the missing piece of the show.

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