Salty Utah Queens Ep. 59 - Fake Plastic Alien Dolls (RHOSLC S4E2)

Larz and Carz pod from opposite ends of the country. Lara revels in her upcoming weekend of Northeast autumnal splendor, and Carey recounts a rogue firework show that shook his apartment building. Meanwhile, the Salt Lake girlies continue to serve, this time in preparation for Meredith's girls trip to Palm Springs at the new Trixie Mattel motel. Meredith and Lisa make up - for now - and Whitney and Heather continue their fake-mended cousinship. Monica shares her genuinely wild backstory, and Angie K laments being excluded from the group. Then the women head to Palm Springs, where Lisa loses a $60K ring in the restroom and Wild Rose sneaks Angie K in to surprise/ambush Meredith and Heather.

PLUS, Lara and Carey's tight ten on the Mexican government's unveiling of supposed 1,000-year-old teeny-tiny aliens!!!!

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