Salty Utah Queens Ep. 58 - Martha Marcy Mae Mary Cosby (RHOSLC S4E1)

Lara and Carey return to the snow-capped holy land of Utah for a new season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. But first, they check in on the Great Exodus of Burning Man 2023, and discuss the gaslight/gatekeep tactics of long-haul Burners. They also talk the confounding nature of AppleTV shows, and Carey laments flop alien invasions. Back in Salt Lake, Heather and Whitney "Wild" Rose attempt to mend their cousin schism, and plan a hillin' luncheon for all the girlies. Meredith fumes over Whitney trolling her bathub in the press. Lisa Barlow slays Sundance 2023 and is shocked by her son Jack's secret post-high school plans. Angie K introduces us to Monica, a federal government witness in the case against Jen Shah. And Mary Cosby makes her triumphant return.

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