Salty Utah Queens Ep. 55 - The Bad Mormon Long Game (RHOSLC S3 E14)

Lara and Carey recap their FIRST of two live shows at LA's Dynasty Typewriter, and discuss Republicans smoking in the U.S. Capitol Building, and what it means to serve c*nt in 2023. Meanwhile, the long winter of RHOSLC season three has come to a close. Heather prepares for her triumphant Bad Mormon book cover reveal party, including the debut of her non-denominational choir. Then, in a three month flash-forward, Heather and Meredith accompany Jen and Coach to the Big Apple as they await the dreaded trial of the century. Carey and Lara begin to question what makes Heather so ferociously Team Jen, and the truth may be more sinister than they could have ever imagined...

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