Pumpheads Ep. 35 - The Sober-Curious Case of Scheana Marie Shay (Vanderpump Rules S11E3)

Lara and Carey record a Valentine’s Day recap of the latest VPR, but first discuss the already camp-legend Madame Web & Dakota Johnson’s confounding but essential place in culture, the performance artist who auctioned off his flesh for seven figures, and Duchess Meghan’s new podcast venture. 

On VPR, Scandoval’s birthday party of sorrow continues with Billie Lee and Kyle Chan proving their “Friend Of” chops. Scheana performs her screamo-version of “Good As Gold” at Emo Night. Sandoval admits to LVP that he’s had unalive ideation in the wake of Scandoval, and Schwartz worries about his little brother’s liver. Then the crew converges on SUR for See You Next Tuesday, where Ariana and Lala put a sheepish Schwartz in his place. Finally, Sandoval and a freshly sober Scheana have it out in the hallowed ground of the SUR Alleyway. 


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