Pumpheads Ep. 33 - The Fog of Scandoval (Vanderpump Rules S11E1)

Lara and Carey make a new reservation at SUR: Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules has finally premiered! But first they discuss Lisa Barlow’s new bangs, Sandoval and Schwartz’s chilling appearance on Nick Viall’s podcast, and the very concept of the gargantuan-horror Icon of the Seas cruise ship.

On VPR, the cast is still reeling three months after Scandoval rocked the world: Ariana has a new man and continues to cohabitate with Sandy, Lala regrets the way she treated Rogue Leviss, Scheana recovers from a mental health spiral, Katie channels her best Big Dale Energy, a lonely Schwartz turns to houseplants for friendship, and James and Ally move to the Burbank Airport. With so much at stake, the crew must also navigate the shell-shocking strata of fame they’ve recently entered. But the return of a certain Worm with a Mustache from a stint in New Zealand casts a shadow over Los Angeles once more...


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