Pumpheads Ep. 20 - The Leftovers (Vanderpump Rules S10 E6)

Lara and Carey are back on their MH370 journey, this time discussing the new Netflix docuseries. From the plane being shot down by the US to Russian hijackers flying it to Kazakstan, the two realize once again that it all goes back to that damn missing plane. Meanwhile, Lala, Katie and Kristina Kelly shun a blackout Raquel in Vegas, and seem more and more convinced of her devious ways. It doesn't stop in Lake Havasu, where luckily Raquel finds an ally in Charli, who seems more than willing to square up against the Veterans. The Toms debate divesting in TomTom, Ariana feels from the loss of her beloved pooch, and Scheana organizes a Boys Night (plus her) to celebrate Schwartz newfound singledom.

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