PATREON TEASER: Straight Guys In the Wild + The Traitors S2E5

Lara and Carey take things behind the paywall to discuss Nancy Pelosi and other boomer politicians on the Left and Right sundowning in broad daylight. They break down the latest updates in the terrifying tale of the Kansas City Deep-Freeze Three, Nancy Grace’s continued #TotMom crusade, Bradley Cooper’s big sad hat, Rachel Savannah Leviss’s latest plunge into Rogue Lake, True Detective: Night Country & HBO’s flop streak, and Caroline Manzo’s Brandy Glanville-wrought lawsuit against Bravo.

Then Larz and Carz recap an unfortunately gag-free episode of The Traitors, featuring an OC Diva Down, Dan’s scary Twitch streamer vibes, and the anticlimactic surprise arrival of a beloved chief stew.


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