LIVE at Dynasty Typewriter Night 2 - The Real Owlinas of Orange County (RHOC S11 E5)

Carey and Lara return to the stage of the Dynasty Typewriter for the second show of their mini residency. A residency's a residency, doll! They begin by covering George Santos' fraudulent place of 9/11, Austin Butler's eternal Elvis voice, and Reza Farahan and Kyle Richards's epic Insta feud. Then they travel alllllll the way back to Orange County, for another killer episode of RHOC: Shannon's harrowing 70's party in Season 11. Meghan is emotionally neglected by Jim during her IVF journey, Heather is pissed at Terry for working too much, and Vicki reels from daughter Briana's (actual) health woes. Meanwhile, EVERYONE minus Kelly Dodd misses the memo on what is considered a "70's look," and Shannon enlists the help of randos Jaci and Nina to grind Kelly and Vicki's gears, resulting in an epic showdown full of owl hoots and pedo claims.

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