Jersey Shore, Bitch! Ep. 7- Fist-Slap Me Tonight In Atlantic City

Lara and Carey discuss Lara's Chromatica Ball odyssey at Dodger's Stadium and Carey's star turn in a Bar Mitzvah flash mob. Back in Seaside Heights, Sammi Sweetheart reels from Ron's shove, and the two confront Snooki-Schnookers Polizzi about her disdain for their psychotic romance. The Situation has a spark with a townie with serious streaks in her hair, and Vinny juggles budding romances with Tonya the Cougar and the Situation's little sister, Melissa. Then, the crew heads to Atlantic City for a night of debauchery, homoerotic panic, and a close-fisted slap that changed the world. Listen to this episode ad-free and get access to weekly bonus episodes by joining the SUP Patreon.

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