Lohan Island Episode 9: I Don't Give a Shit About the Moon w/ Carey O'Donnell

Carey and Lara are not any closer to figuring out what the Hell is going on with Lindsay Lohan's International Tax Evasion Scheme. But on this week's episode, they're talking about what they do know, which is: Brent continues to live his Chaz Dean truth, Sara is kind of a dumb dumb and Jonitta has been turned to the dark side. Oh, also: they find out in this episode that Mike was forced into sex work at the age of 14 by an online extortionist. WHERE IS THE BOOK DEAL?!?!? For bonus episodes as well as recaps of Seasons 1 & 2 of Vanderpump Rules, visit patreon.com/sexyuniquepodcast. Follow Lara and Carey on IG and Twitter @larzmarie and @ecareyo

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