Beverly Hell's Angels Ep. 41 - Quiet Quitting on the Queen

Carey and Lara do a tight 19 on the passing of Queen Elizabeth, and what lies ahead for her flop successor/the rest of us. On Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where Queen Elizabeth is still alive and well, the Aspen vacation rages on as the ladies try to ski and snowmobile away the tensions of the night before. Erika and Sutton continue their uneasy path to friendship, while EJ's friendship with Crystal completely dissolves with an explosive confrontation about her legal woes. Kathy's descent into madness continues as Kyle proves to be no safe harbor for her big sister, and the stirrings of Tequila Gate (and possible F-Slur Gate) are first introduced.You can hear this episode AD-FREE and get access to over 200 bonus episodes and TONS of other premium content by joining the SUP Patreon. You have no idea what awaits you.

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