Hotline Calls: Cuckolding & Kinky Sex

What are your sexual fantasies? No matter how unique (or not) your fantasies are, they teach us something about our needs. On today’s Hotline Calls show, we’re exploring fantasies and partner dynamics so we can get our needs met shame-free. First, cuckolding: when a partner, typically male, asks their partner, typically female, to have sex with another man. What if your partner wants it… but you’re not so sure? Next, living with your ex -- if you’re still not over them, how do you successfully connect with others? Later, when you’ve got a unique kink or fetish, how do you talk about it with your partner, especially if they’re freaked out? Is there any way to get that need met? Finally, when a partner says they’re not sexually attracted anymore, how do you call it quits and find the sex you deserve?

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