Fingering & Handjobs: The Art of Hand Play

Two of your most powerful sex accessories? Your hands. Hands set the tone of your sexual energy. For example, caressing their cheek while you make out versus pinning their hands down while you have sex. And while we talk a lot about what to do with our mouths or genitals on this show, today I’m focusing on a lost art: hand play. Specifically, how to finger, give a hand job, and use your hands with sexual intention. Today, my Producer, Erica, and I first share how to penetrate a vulva with your fingers. We give you tricks to stimulate the labia and clitoris, different forms of pressure and touch, and how to find the G-spot when you finger. Next, we give the penis some love with hand job techniques and upgrades like toy play and perineum stimulation. Finally, we discuss secondary erogenous zones and answer your hand play questions.

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