Dating Younger Men, Canceling Threesomes: Emily Tells All

How did you discover who you were as a sexual being? Are you still figuring it out? Your desires, your sexual turn-ons, your overall attitude towards sex itself? Well, today, we’re doing something a little different: I’m answering all those questions and letting you in on my sexual journey. That’s right! I’ve got author, anthropologist, and my dear friend Dr. Wednesday Martin on the show today as we turn the tables and let her ask me how my career as a sex educator got started, the first time I had legitimately good sex, and how my relationship with sex has evolved. I also share the backstory behind this podcast, why I was so curious to launch a career in sex education in the first place, and how it's all led up to my book, Smart Sex. Listen in… it’s a juicy one.

Show Notes:

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