Squirting Setbacks, Threesome Hangups & Other Sex Anxieties

We all have fears around sex, whether we’re aware of them or not. Maybe you’re worried someone’s not going to like your body, or that if you and your partner try something new, it’ll be awkward or weird. Maybe you’re worried you’ll never have sex with anyone ever again. I’m here to tell you this: your sexual anxieties are completely normal. Listen in as my callers and I work through theirs and develop actionable solutions to take the next step. When you’re a vulva owner, and something comes out when you orgasm, are you peeing or squirting? When preparing for a threesome, how can you get over the fear that your partner won't want sex with just you anymore? When the sex has fallen off entirely, how do you start initiating again? All this and more in today's sexual anxieties episode.

Show Notes:

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