Bondage, Threesomes & Golden Showers

All sexual fantasies have one thing in common: they trigger an arousal response inside our bodies, laced with erotic flavor. But how do you actualize your fantasy with a partner who’s wary of it? Even turned off by it? On today’s show, I’m taking your calls on this exact predicament. First up: when your partner wants you to drastically change your appearance for their pleasure, should you do it? Or when your partner wants to watch you with a third, how do you find that person? Next, if you’re not naturally dominant in bed, but your partner’s begging for it, how do you step into your power? I also get into urine fetishes (yep, like golden showers), how to introduce them to an otherwise vanilla sex life, and how to explore same-sex adventures in a hetero marriage.    

Show Notes:

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