STT Rewind: Episode 2

It's our brand new, second official episode of STT: Rewind, hosted this week by Tony Black alongside Steve Norman, and guest podcaster Carl Sweeney, better known from The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast.

In part one, our film chat section, it's all about the Oscars as we chew through a couple of the nominations and wonder if Darkest Hour really needs to be there - plus we discuss the best Spielberg/Hanks cinematic combinations as The Post arrives.

Part two, our TV discussion, sees us briefly ponder how the new season of The X-Files is going (given Carl is on the show especially) and then deliberate on the new casting of Prince Philip in Season 3 of The Crown.

Finally, in our free play section, we're talking about mobile games - are you a Snake person? Temple Run? Or obscure Eastern European immigration officer game Papers, Please?

We'll be back again for more STT: Rewind, in the meantime why not visit and read some of the daily articles posted online from our talented bunch of writers, or join us on Twitter and Facebook @SetTheTape.

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