STT Rewind: Episode 4

Welcome to the fourth episode of STT: Rewind, hosted this week by Tony Black alongside Steve Norman, and guest podcaster Clara Cook from Trek FM podcast, Primitive Culture.

In part one, our film chat section, we discuss the British Oscars aka the BAFTA's, and the unfortunate racial furore which has whipped up around Marvel's new superhero blockbuster, Black Panther.

Part two, our TV discussion, sees Tony & Clara baffle Steve as they try and explain how Star Trek Discovery fits into Trek continuity, before debating whether new Netflix prestige drama Altered Carbon is any good.

Finally, in our free play section, the chatter is on podcasts, given HBO are turning Pod Save America into a TV show. We debate what podcasts we'd like to see make it to the mainstream - Failed Critics: The Movie, anyone?

We'll be back again for more STT: Rewind, in the meantime why not visit and read some of the daily articles posted online from our talented bunch of writers, or join us on Twitter and Facebook @SetTheTape.

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