104: Interior Design Tips: How to create a space that makes you happy w/ Jessica Velazquez

This week's episode is an interview with interior designer, Jessica Velazquez.

Jessica Velazquez studied Interior Design in Toronto, a field she combined with real estate when she returned to her native country of Panama. For years, Jessica was known as the realtor-designer by the many expats retiring there. Her background helped them envision the potential of properties and turn their investment into places they could call home. After relocating with her family to Calgary in 2011, she opened Interiors by Jessica, but it wasn´t until 2018 when her niche was born.

Yes, she is an Interior Designer with real estate background, but she prefers the title of First-home Design Specialist because more than design and decorate, she coaches first-time homeowners to get rid of the limiting beliefs killing their home dreams. Jessica is all about empowering her first-time homeowners to take control of their environment with intention, to turn their Pinterest boards into reality based on their budget and timeline and regain the Design Confidence that so many lose on the way.

In this episode we discuss:
- where Jessica's passion for design comes from
- how to find your interior design "style"
- how to turn your Pinterest boards into reality
- easy tips to make your space instantly better
- do TVs belong in the bedroom?
- her thoughts on the future of design post-COVID

You can learn more about Jessica & services here: [http://www.interiorsbyjessica.ca/](http://www.interiorsbyjessica.ca/)
She also has a free guide & resources above for first-time homeowners! ^

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