Never be limited by another's limited imagination // Tory Archbold

Welcome to a new week, lovely yayborhood. If you‘re looking for some motivation for a fresh start, our guest for this episode is your woman. If you haven’t heard of Tory Archbold, you’ve probably encountered her work in some form or another – she is the superstar publicist whose first business, Torstar, brought Zara to Australia, took Seafolly and Sukin overseas and included Nespresso, Victoria’s Secret and Adidas in its booming portofolio.
That was, however, before the universe took her through a near-death experience which you’ll hear all about and through a complete re-evaluation of her life and priorities. In an a-ha moment sparked by Drew Barrymore, Tory decided to close her hugely successful agency and seize a brand new yay with Powerful Steps – a platform to inspire, encourage and empower others in their own lives. I think you’ll understand very quickly why this is perfectly suited to her – she has so much to share about limiting beliefs, surrender and finding your power. What a valuable guest to have with us today for some wisdom and wonder about #yaysofourlives.
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