Episode 96: DJ Special with Nikki Beatnik

She's been a DJ for nearly three decades, she's Kelis's best mate, and she was once pushed out of G-A-Y in a wheelchair while eight months pregnant - it's the amazing Nikki Beatnik!

We discover the surprising truth about where Kelis likes to hang out on Saturday afternoons, and whether Madonna prefers M&S or M&Co. Nikki discusses the challenges facing women in her industry, and how she manages changing nappies one minute and DJing at Puffy's birthday bash the next. We also find out whether they serve cheese and pineapple on sticks at the Grammys.

We round off with some ace Scummy Mummy Confessions, and do keep listening to the end for one more amazing showbiz story.

You can find out more about Nikki via her website, beatniktv.com. She's on YouTube and she's @djnikkibeatnik on Instagram, Twitter, and Mixcloud.

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