Episode 93: Mother of Daughters Special with Clemmie Hooper

Our guest for this ep is midwife, author, and instagram sensation Clemmie Hooper, otherwise known as Mother of Daughters!

She tells us how she managed to write her book, How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out, while looking after twin babies. We find out what it's like to have four small children, and what it is Clemmie has finally forgiven Keira Knightley for.

There's some chat about how Clemmie became the social media star she is today, and Helen's pleather trousers. We play a new game, and there's even a new theme song.

This episode was fuelled by wine from the wonderful Kevin O'Rourke, otherwise known as the wineman. He sends out lovely booze direct to your door - find out more at wineman.co.uk.

Clemmie's book is out now, published by Penguin Vermilion. You can follow her on instagram @mother_of_daughters, while her husband Simon is @father_of_daughters. She's on Twitter @Modaughters and Facebook.

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