Episode 89: Agony Aunt Special with Philippa Perry

What's the secret to a happy, healthy relationship? How often should we have sex? What's the number one behaviour we should model for our children?

To answer these questions, we welcome ace psychotherapist Philippa Perry. She tells us why it's important to let go of being right, and why we should be open to being changed by our kids.

There's some chat about Philippa's recent Radio 4 show, and why children telling lies is something to be celebrated. There's also practical advice about how to help older siblings handle a new baby, what to do if you lose your temper, and how to cope with those days where everything gets too much. We discuss whether it's OK to row, and finally solve the issue of whether Helen's husband should leave his shoes in the lounge.

Philippa's book, How to Stay Sane, is out now. You can follow her on Twitter @philippa_perry.

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