Episode 76: Mid-Life Crisis Special with Miranda Sawyer

The amazing Miranda Sawyer is our guest for this episode! She tells us all about having kids later in life, dealing with mid-life panic, and getting off with Grace Jones.

We discuss Miranda's time working on Smash Hits, when she interviewed everyone from Madonna to Bros, and she tells us what's wrong with music today.

Then there's some chat about her brilliant new book, Out of Time, which is all about surviving a mid-life crisis: "'You wake one day and everything is wrong. It's as though you went out one warm evening - an evening fizzing with delicious potential, so ripe and sticky-sweet you can taste it on the air - for just one drink ...And woke up two days later in a skip. Except you're not in a skip, you're in an estate car, on the way to an out-of-town shopping mall to buy a balance bike, a roof rack and some stackable storage boxes."

To finish off, we discuss why spiralisers are like drugs, and Helen reveals how a recent trip to the hospital has left her without an appendix but with a morphine addiction.

Miranda's ace book is available to buy from 30th June. She is on Twitter @msmirandasawyer.

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