Episode 73: Gadget Special with Zoe Kleinman

Robot butlers! Self-cleaning toilets! Hoovers that judge you! We find out all about these gadgets and more with the help of BBC technology journalist Zoe Kleinman.

There's some chat about screen time, virtual reality, and the most useless baby gadgets we have owned. Ellie reveals how she deals with mansplaining in PC World, and Helen presents a new game called Buzz My Feed!

In Boob Chat we talk about Zoe's book, Birth, Boobs and Bad Advice, and why she feels there's too much pressure on women to breastfeed. Then we round off with Scummy Mummy Confessions.

Zoe's book is available on Amazon. Follow her on Twitter via @zsk and @bbctech.

Many thanks to Thomson and Scott for supplying the delicious Skinny Prosecco we drank during this episode. It's lower in sugar than regular prosecco so it has only half the calories, but it tastes just as good to us, bearing in mind we are greedy philistines. You can buy Skinny Prosecco from Thomsonandscott.com, where their Skinny Champagne is currently half price.

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