Episode 57: Video Games Special with Keith Stuart

What are the best video games to play with kids? How much screen time should they have? Which celebrity would Helen most like to have it off with in a virtual reality environment? All these questions and more are answered in our Video Games Special!

Our guest is Keith Stuart, games editor of The Guardian. He's also writing a novel about a dad who connects with his son who has autism via Minecraft, so there's some chat about that.

Keith gives us his top tips for writing a book, and reveals what will be the hot games this Christmas. We tackle tricky topics like age ratings, how to police what your kids play at other people's houses, and Helen's laughable knowledge of Street Fighter II.

You can follow Keith on Twitter - @keefstuart. His first novel, A Boy Made of Blocks, is out next autumn, but you can pre-order the Kindle version via Amazon.

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