Episode 52: Slummy Single Mummy Special

Our guest for this episode is Jo Middleton, author of the hit blog Slummy Single Mummy. She tells us how to write a great mummy blog, and we discuss the 40 things we want to do before we're 40.

There's also some chat about Helen's unusual new haircut, the invention of the word chillax and The Henry Kelly Experience. We round off with a biscuit-based game that quickly escalates, and of course some Scummy Mummy Confessions.

For more from Jo, follow her on Twitter - @mummyblogger. And find out how she got 58,000 followers by attending her social media seminar on Friday 18 September.

We are also on Twitter, albeit with slightly less than 58,000 followers - @scummymummies. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook too. Please send your confessions to scummymummiespodcast@gmail.com and visit us at ScummyMummies.com. If you like the podcast, please tell your friends!

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