Episode 104: Jenny Eclair Special

Our guest for this episode is the wonderful comedian, writer and mum, Jenny Eclair!

She tells us what she's learned in 28 years of parenting, and why she thinks all unruly London children should be sent up north for a bit.

We hear about how Jenny got her start in comedy, what it's like to win a Perrier award, and why cheese conventions are less fun than you might think. We find out about her latest show, How to be a Middle-Aged Woman (Without Going Insane).

Then it's time for Book Chat as we discuss Jenny's brilliant collection of short stories, Listening In. There's a silly quiz about South East London, which includes Jenny's best meat buying tips, and she shares her Scummy Mummy Confession.

Listening In is out now. You can follow Jenny on Twitter @jennyeclair and see all her latest show dates at jennyeclair.com.

The Scummy Mummies book is OUT NOW! We hope you like it, and if you do, we'd love an Amazon review!

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Thank you for listening!

Photo: Clara Molden

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