BONUS: Hello Readers with Ellie's Dad

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains two of Ellie's Dad's jokes. He joins us to share some tall tales about a magical dog, the funeral of King George VI, and the time he was at a party with Elton John (or not.)

We discuss the tall tales (lies) our parents told us, and come clean about the myths, legends, and big fat whoppers we've told our own children. (NB: There's a bit of Santa chat you might not want to listen to with little ones around.) And we share some brilliantly hilarious tall tale confessions from listeners.

This is a special episode of the podcast, because we’ve partnered with Audible to celebrate the release of their brand new original audiobook, The World According to Grandpa.

The World According to Grandpa is available to listen to now, only on Audible and you can even sign up to a 30 day free trial to listen now. Subscription required. See for terms.

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