265: Surviving breast cancer with Rosamund Dean

What should you say to a friend who has cancer? If you're the one with the diagnosis, how do you tell your kids? And is it really possible to futureproof your body against illness? Answering all these questions is the brilliant Rosamund Dean. 

She tells us about her journey from finding a lump in her boob to being cancer free, and what she wishes she'd known at the beginning. We discuss clipboard people versus duvet people, and whether early menopause is more like pick'n'mix or a Glastonbury toilet. Rosamund explains how having cancer has affected her perspective, and reveals the biggest change she's made to her lifestyle. 

Yes, it's a serious subject, but we still manage to have some laughs along the way. And of course we finish with some Scummy Mummy Confessions - this time involving Baileys, sweat, glitter, and lying to children. 

Rosamund's book is a great read whether you have cancer, you're supporting someone through treatment, or you're interested in looking after your health. Reconstruction is out now. We are also huge fans of her book about reducing your alcohol intake, Mindful Drinking. And do check out her substack, Well Well Well. Rosamund is on Instagram @rosamunddean.

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