259: Top Mum - planes and parenting with fighter pilot Mandy Hickson

How do fighter pilots get their callsigns? What's it like to risk your life every time you go to work? And why should you never eat out-of-date fudge? Answering all these questions is the amazing Mandy Hickson! 

She tells us how she became one of the UK's first female fighter pilots, despite the best efforts of the Bloody Patriarchy. We talk about her 17 years in the RAF, her time in Iraq, and why she thinks motherhood is much harder than flying planes. Then Mandy discusses her new career as a motivational speaker, and the number one nugget of wisdom she likes to pass on. 

We round off with some excellent Scummy Mummy Confessions involving an obscene tattoo, a fart in a lift, and a poo in a bush. Sorry, Leeds. 

Mandy's brilliant book, An Officer, Not a Gentleman, is out now. For more from marvellous Mandy go to mandyhickson.com.

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