258: How to be a better parent with Marie Gentles

What's the best way to deal with an angry child? Why should we be saying "thank you" to our kids instead of "please"? And how do you get them to put their bloody shoes away? Answering all these questions is the awesome Marie Gentles! 

Marie has loads of practical parenting tips, from managing screen use to carving out quality time - and what to do if your children don't want to spend it with you. She tells us why it's not always a good idea to ask kids what's wrong, and where to start with a child who doesn't want to hear what adults have to say. 

We hear about Marie's time working in schools and pupil referral units with kids who are upset, unresponsive, and even violent. She reveals how her own experience of emotional abuse motivated her to do the work she does today, and why she developed her "No blame, no shame" philosophy. 

And of course, we finish with some Scummy Mummy Confessions - this time involving socks, shouting, and bannisters. 

Marie's marvellous book, Gentle Guidance, is out on 22 June. For more from Marie, visit magicbehaviourmanagement.com.

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