206: Anna Whitehouse AKA Mother Pukka

What would it be like to shag Shaggy and Craig David at the same time? What if your sister gave birth to your husband's baby? And is fingering still a thing? Joining us to answer these important questions of the day is Anna Whitehouse, AKA Mother Pukka! 

We hear about how the pandemic has affected her campaign for flexible working, and her new job playing records on Heart FM. We also discuss her new novel, Underbelly. 

There's some serious chat about the impact of gossip websites on people in the public eye, and what Anna thinks is the solution. Then it's back to the usual daftness with some superb Scummy Mummy Confessions. 

Anna's book is out on 5th August, and it's fab - Ellie couldn't put it down! You can preorder Underbelly now. While you're at it, why not preorder Helen's book, too? Don't know if she's mentioned it, but she's single now, and Get Divorced, Be Happy is all about how that's one of the best things that's ever happened to her. It's a great read, especially Ellie's chapter. 

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