605 - From Coffee to Financial Strategies: Tom interviews Brandon Neely

Brandon Neely is here. He's an entrepreneur and he's got a thing, Profit First and Bank on Yourself. I got to get him to define all this stuff because he's got a lot of cool stuff going on. And he's the cohost of the Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast with his wife Amanda, and they founded and managed Overflow Cafe Coffee Bar. And now they share their experiential knowledge through podcasting and through developing personalized financial strategies for individuals and couples and profitability strategies for business.

Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 605

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02:09 Tom's introduction to Brandon Neely

04:16 Selling coffee as a data analyst guy

07:35 Creating "Ethical" coffee

12:49 Store falling apart and having a baby

18:15 Pivoting into the financial world

21:44 Budgeting vs Cash Flow Management

24:52 The STILL method

30:05 Sponsor message

32:25 A typical day for Brandon

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