492 - She's diabolical and dialectical: Tom interviews Richelle Futch

For over 20 years, Richelle Futch has been a licensed clinical social worker. She's a Marine Corps veteran and an active duty military spouse. Her military spouse is a special forces engineer, and during her military service, Richelle worked in the finance field, and she's currently CFO and co-founder of Green Zone Training. She's got extensive training in dialectical behavior therapy, and she's also the author of Her Ruck, Inside the Emotional Backpack of Military Wives.

Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 492

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04:03 Tom's introduction to Richelle Futch

06:30 The "Green Zone" therapeutic model

09:34 Clients who are seeking out help

12:19 Going through "transitions" and surviving

16:30 Dialectical behavior

21:09 Her Ruck

26:44 Being the main influence for our kids

29:40 Kicked her husband, kids and dog out of the house to do this podcast

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