SCP-5935: "City of Pandemonium - Part Two"


Tyler Smith, Oliver Read, Tracy Curtis, Justin "The Owl" Silva, Jordan Gibson, Austin Velishek, Logan Thaler, Trooper9045, and Ron Shaffer!


Cast & Crew:

SCP-5935 was written by djkaktus

Host & Narrator - Jon Grilz

Overseer - Graham Rowat

Jacob - Brandon Nguyen

Mysterious Man - Pacific S. Obadiah

Weary Woman - Nichole Goodnight

Elisa - Addison Peacock

O5-1 - Danielle Hewitt

O5-3 - David Darke

O5-7 - Alvan Bolling II

O5-10 - Tanja Milojevic

Dr. Moore - Erik Kemp


Assistant Editor - Danny Sweet & Jesse Hall

Community Manager - Celeste Casian

Transcript by Pacific S. Obadiah

Music by Tom Rory Parsons

Showrunner & Sound Designer - Pacific S. Obadiah

Producers - Tom Owen & Brad Miska

Presented by Bloody Disgusting 





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