SCP-5923: "The Place I Belong"

Take an adventure now! Go somewhere you've never gone before! We await!



Adolas, Alex Demille, Victor Gutierrez-Diaz, Joe, ratgirl1221, TheCatThatLivesInYourWalls, Liz Lillith, PrototypeX19, Kate Avery, SevySagey, Sir Krag, MajorDemonwolf, Reddawn7744, Andrew D Lanhart, Raven Baker, Oldru Valliere, Clara Faust, Abigal Grace, Rage Fist, Amelia Parsons, Dave Willner, and Patrick Reynolds!


Cast & Crew:

SCP-5923 was written by Grigori Karpin

Host & Narrator - Jon Grilz

Rossi - Rissa M.

Waltham - Danielle Hewitt

SCP-5923 - Fletcher Armstrong


Assistant Editor - Jesse Hall

Sound Designer - Danny Sweet

Community Manager - Celeste Casian

Music by Tom Rory Parsons

Showrunner - Pacific S. Obadiah

Producers - Tom Owen & Brad Miska

Presented by Bloody Disgusting 






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