SCP-3785: "Jasper's Hill"

Only one way in with an aerial exit.

This episode was possible thanks to our guest star, Shelby Scott! Check out their podcast Scare You To Sleep!


Critical Boob, Orlando, Allison Didde, Jacob Lambert, Chase T Hopper, A Nightmare on Fierce St., Kaleb Parker, LongHairGuy, TOYE, Lauren Domecki, Mykal Machon, Vincent M, Ken Wilson, Jessica Brooks, and Nathaniel Barry

Cast & Crew:

SCP-3785 was written by djkaktus

Host & Narrator - Jon Grilz

D-15 Jackknife - Shelby Scott

D-15 Teter - Maddie Moore

D-15 Norse - Brandon Nyugen

ATL-9 Sherman - Russel More

ATL-9 Junipero - Rissa M.

ATL-9 Diego - Nichole Goodnight

Command - Pacific S. Obadiah


Sound Design - Danny Sweet

Assistant Editor - Jesse Hall

Assistant Editor - Danny Sweet

Music by Tom Rory Parsons

Showrunner - Pacific S. Obadiah

Producers - Tom Owen & Brad Miska

Presented by Bloody Disgusting





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