SCP-3300: "The Rain"

I've always loved the rain. Something about the calm peaceful pitter patter on the window just made me feel at ease...

Patreon Names:

This episode features the name of our patron, Andrea Lynch! Thanks for supporting the show Andrea!


SweedySpeedy, Rushabh Shukla, Robert Morrison, Zektros Vrascuul Shaktolas, Brimston, Noah Robert, Matthew D Stuart, Danilo Valladares, Gerald Harris, Jack Burns, Loki Bo Boki, Cecil Olinger, lephotoshopgod, Citrus Maoir, Hailey, Super Kurwa, Anthony F-Content, and Just call me... Brad!

Cast & Crew:

SCP-3300 was written by rumetzen

Host & Narrator - Jon Grilz

Andrea Lynch - Addison Peacock


Assistant Editor - Jesse Hall

Sound Designer - Danny Sweet

Community Manager - Celeste Casian

Music by Tom Rory Parsons

Showrunner - Pacific S. Obadiah

Producers - Tom Owen & Brad Miska

Presented by Bloody Disgusting







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