SFF11: Black Mirror, Mars, Dirk Gently, Simon Barry & Kelly Overton (Van Helsing)

In the November edition of our podcast, we skip the traditional discussion topic to share a triple line-up of television shows, two of which we're currently enjoying and one of which will be beginning soon. We also did this to accommodate our double interview - a super-sized podcast all around!

First in the lineup is Black Mirror, which Netflix picked up for season 3 and 4; we break down the season 3 premiere. Then we preview Mars on Nat Geo, a hybrid fiction/non-fiction exploration of the challenges of colonizing the red planet. We round things off with a discussion of the series premiere of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on BBC America, a zany look at investigating crimes in which everything, no matter how strange, is connected.

Our interview segment revisits Van Helsing as it wraps up its first season. We chat with the female lead, Kelly Overton, and the show's executive producer, Simon Barry, and get some inside information on the mythology of the vampire show.

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