SFF26: Altered Carbon, Counterpart, Katherine Ramdeen (Supernatural)

In honor of the start of The Magicians season 3 and the recent Charmed reboot cast announcements, this month's discussion topic is our favorite spellcasters on television, and we discover that they're not exclusive to fantasy shows!

Our show topics this month include Altered Carbon, which had its 10-episode first season released to great acclaim on Netflix on February 2, 2018, and Counterpart, which also kicked off its first season on Starz to favorable critical response on January 21, 2018.

Katherine Ramdeen also spoke to us about her character Alex and the backdoor pilot for Wayward Sisters which aired as part of Supernatural's thirteenth season on January 18, 2018.

Timecodes: Spellcasters - 2:25 Altered Carbon - 19:56 Counterpart - 35:21 Supernatural Interview - 53:51

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