SFF29: Lost in Space, The 100, Malcolm Barrett (Timeless)

The summer is almost here, but we've honed in on some of our favorite recent shows! Our discussion kicks off with our picks for the most distinctive showrunners who have helmed more than one genre TV show. It was tough paring it down to six!

Our show topics this month include a look at the full first season of the Lost in Space remake on Netflix, which has been capturing viewers attention since it dropped on April 13, 2018, and the established post-apocalyptic show The 100, which just began its fifth season on the CW.

For our interview segment, we spoke to actor Malcolm Barrett, who plays Rufus Carlin in the NBC time travel hit, Timeless, which is currently in its second season.

Timecodes: Multiple Series Showrunners - 2:02 Lost in Space - 16:30 The 100 - 36:17 Timeless Interview - 58:44

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