Seizing Opportunities and Staying Humble

In Part 2 of Mauricio and Marcia’s conversation about what they’ve been up to since they left ABI, we get into the details of Mauricio’s job as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. He explains the science behind the work that he does in the lab where he screens patients to identify if they may have leukemia lymphoma. He also monitors HIV in patients, and helps to detect mutations in patients’ hemoglobin. The role Mauricio plays in the lab helps doctors in medical settings make informed decisions about patient care. 

After Mauricio and Marcia demystify the science behind the work that he does, they get into their experiences of higher education at ACC and Texas State. They talk about their unique journeys to discovering their passion for the biosciences, and talk about the exciting frontier of bioscience, which promises new innovations, technologies, and discoveries everyday. 

Marcia and Mauricio explain the importance of staying humble and having a growth mindset in the biosciences, emphasizing that everyday is an opportunity to learn and should be treated as such. They talk about the character traits that will aid professional development and the importance of having a genuine passion for bioscience and the work you’re doing. 

They close out the conversation with advice about taking advantage of resources like ACC’s Bioscience Incubator and making the most of opportunities that are presented to you, because you never know which opportunity will be a game-changer in your career. They give us a glimpse into the exciting paths you can take in biosciences, which we continue to explore in Season 2 of “Science in the Mall, Y’all.” 

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