Learning to Fail

In our modern age of technology and information, anyone with a smartphone can find the answers to questions that would have required a college degree to learn just a few decades ago. ACC biology professor and Faculty Senate President-elect Samantha Croft joins us with Nancy Lyon, the Director of the ACC Bioscience Incubator, to discuss how ACC develops and trains teachers to be effective in the contemporary classroom, emphasizing critical thinking, source-checking techniques, and hands-on professional experience.

Listen to the full episode to hear Nancy and Sam elaborate on the importance of learning to fail, building students’ confidence through early exposure to professional environments, and why it’s OK if your career path diverges from your college degree. The team at ACC offers a refreshing perspective on education and by the end of the show, you’ll be excited to fail! 


Guests: Samantha Croft and Nancy Lyon 

Host: Dan Dillard

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