Bridging Sectors for Pandemic Readiness (COVID Special)

Since COVID has impacted the world, the next few episodes will focus on the work and science done locally in Austin.

In 2016 Lisa Mcdonald and her husband, Andrew Nerlinger, began a company called PandemicTech. PandemicTech is a global network of resources bridging the gap between the infectious disease community and the technology innovation ecosystem in developing countries. When COVID hit, their international focus turned local. With the awareness of local companies shifting their work to address the immediate threat and the onslaught of offers of assistance from their vast network, the Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium (TEXGHS) was formed to bring these groups together and expedite the innovations. The consortium is focused on addressing how to respond to, recover from, and rebuild following the COVID-19 pandemic in Texas and includes public and private sectors, as well as academia. It's a snowball that keeps getting bigger due to the concerted efforts of many volunteers and an amazing network.

Guests: Lisa McDonald and Andrew Nerlinger

Host: Dan Dillard

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