Say Why To Drugs - The Book!

Happy book-day to me! Happy book-day to me! Happy birthday to Say Why To Drugs the booook, Happy book-day to me!

Luckily for you I decided against singing that in the intro to this episode, but I'm VERY excited to say that today is the day that Say Why to Drugs the book launches in the UK, and online. It's taken me the last 2 years to write, and so it's such a weird and lovely feeling for it to be finally available for you to read.

Or to listen to! I've recorded the audiobook, which is also released today, and the lovely people at Hodder and Stoughton have said I can share a few excerpts with you all! So we have an amazing Foreword written by none other than Scroobius PIp - he goes in to detail about how the podcast came to be, how he and I ended up working together on it, and generally being very lovely and flattering and supportive, thanks Pip. The book also has a load of mini chapters about various concepts surrounding drugs and their use - the next excerpt is one of these, about comedowns. And finally the myths and misconceptions from the 'caffeine' chapter.

I hope you enjoy it. If you want to buy the book, it's available from a variety of places. Here are some links:





Kindle edition:

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