John Crawford III - Part 1

John Crawford III was killed by police in Beavercreek, OH on August 5, 2014. At the age of 22, he was shot by police while shopping in Walmart and talking on his cell phone to the mother of his children. His family share’s personal stories on who John Crawford III was before the horrific day that took his life.


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CHIME #1 (skip ahead 2 minutes 25 seconds)

And Darkow, the Sergeant, actually saw my son first. He peeked out an aisle, he saw.

He tried to issue a cadence to him, something to the effect, “Put your gun down,” or something. My son, he’s looking at items on the shelf, talking on the phone, with the airsoft rifle down to the side. And you can hear Darkow, while he’s trying to issue the cadence, Williams just comes around him, And while he’s still trying to get my son’s attention... Williams just taking it amongst himself to just circle inside him and shoot him, 300ths of a second my son is shot at 16 feet away,

Me and Crawford and the boys was inside doing grandparent thing. 

I wasn't in there maybe 10 minutes, and LeeCee just started screaming. "Ah, Mr. John, Mr. John, they shot him, they shot him, they shot Looney." I said, "What did she just say?" "He's calling your name. He's calling, he's saying dad, dad..." I say, "Oh, shit." I jumped off the couch, ran out there. She was running towards us, "Tressa, John, Tressa." She is shaking like a leaf, man. I mean, that phone was about to hit the ground when I'd grabbed at it, Tressa grabbed at it. 

But I did get the phone from her and trying to call his name. I put him on speaker and calling his name. Of course there was no response. At the time you can clearly hear the paramedics have gotten there, and they said, "Try to stay, stay with us, stay with us sir, keep your arms, raise your arms, raise them and just try to stay with them." You can just hear the breathing and the gurgling, and the breathing. He was desperately trying to live. He said, "Just stay with us, stay us." All of a sudden, it just, there was this big, big exhale. And that was it. 


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