John Crawford III - Part 2

John Crawford III’s family and attorney detail the moments surrounding his death, including a false 911 call and 2 additional deaths possibly caused by police killing Crawford. They also give insight on their judicial actions after his death with an ACT that is currently headed to the Senate to make the case for police reform.


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CHIME #1 (skip ahead 2 mins 3 seconds)

He hesitated. He said, “Mr. Crawford, are you sure you want to?” I said, “Absolutely sure. I said, I’m giving you instruction, sir. Just don’t touch the body. He said, I got you. That’s fine. You want me to leave his body in the body bag, and just leave it in the morgue?” I said, ”Yes, and I will be there in the morning to view the body myself. I left that morning, took a trip right up the street there. He led me to the morgue, and he pointed to me, he said, “He’s right over there. I walk up to the gurney. He was on the slab then, and I unzipped the body bag. It was the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen, I wanted to. He said, “You okay?” I said, “Yeah, I’m okay.” I took my son’s, laid the body bag over. First thing I did was I took his arms out. I wanted to see for myself without the coroner's report. How many holes did he have in his body? I could see where his radius and all layers in one arm where the shot. Where it went through and exit and it broke it obviously. And then I lifted up his right arm and I could clearly see the enter and exit wounds. That one bullet, went through two arms, so I could see it. Then I looked and I could see where his upper torso, it was kind of coming at a slant that other one. He must have moved when that second one came in him, It was around the kidney on one end and up through the liver on the other end, so I could see both of those

CHIME# 2 (skip ahead 2 mins 20 seconds)

The police narrative was that John Crawford walked into Walmart. He was walking through the store. He picked up a BB gun that was sitting on the shelf. As he's walking through the store, there was a 911 caller that made the call that they believed that John was, or they gave the narrative that John was pointing what they believed to be a real rifle at patrons in the store. That 911 call was with a dispatcher. The dispatcher called the police officer. The police officer came to the store. He walked through the store. What he's indicated is that he saw John. He gave John multiple commands to put down the, what he believed to be a real firearm. John did not obey the commands. John, turned towards him in an aggressive manner with the gun pointing at the officer, and that's why the officer had to shoot and kill John. They said he was pointing the gun at people. And in the store at kids, And then he was standing facing the shelving in Walmart and talking on the phone and they shot him. People were shopping. There was a lady named... I think her name was Williams. That was with two little kids. She watched the whole thing and then she dropped dead. 


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